The story of Eichhorn is one of exceptional fortitude and the skill of defying the odds. Since 1978 Eichhorn has matured and grown into a business that continues to innovate and flourish.

Originally dealing exclusively in loose emeralds, sapphires and rubies, Eichhorn has added a new dimension of designing and manufacturing an extensive line of classic and contemporary jewelry featuring exquisite gemstones.

We buy direct from the mines and dealers in Colombia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. Each gem is hand selected for its uniqueness and beauty by Dottie and Michael. The dedication and attention to detail is a trade mark of Eichhorn.

We rely on the brilliance of color in each stone to captivate and inspire its audience. Each piece of jewelry is designed and created around the individual stone. This is our way of enhancing what Mother Nature has provided to create timeless and stunning jewelry.

Our commitment to customer service has remained the same for more than 35 years. Eichhorn success comes from our tireless resolve to build lasting relationships with our retailers and overseas vendors. Our in office staff is comprised of Kim and Olga who inject an innovative approach and fresh ideas. Together they have a combined total of more than 25 years of experience and knowledge with Eichhorn color.

You can always expect personal attention and quality service from a company that knows color.

"Our business is a journey. There is no roadmap in dealing with precious stones. We have to adapt to what Mother Nature provides and be versatile in our designs and marketing. We throw in patience, a sense of humor, sprinkle in some fun, mix it with integrity and value and you have Eichhorn’s success plan. It is an exciting journey without roadmaps and we love every minute of it."

- Michael & Dottie

Please ask about trunk shows, in store training, photography or just about anything to do with our products and services.