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Amethyst, Green Amethyst, London Blue Topaz cabochon set in 18k rose gold. ..
Orange Moonstone , Rose Quartz, and white Quartz set in 18k rose gold..
H583 Fashion Pendant
Pictured Blue Topaz/White Moonstone, Blue Topaz (London blue)/Green Quartz, Blue Topaz/Rose Quartz, ..
H583OX Black Onyx and White Moonstone Pendant
Black Onyx and White moonstone complimented with diamond in a stylish cabochon design. Set in 18k w..
H609AQ Milky Aqua and Diamond Pendant
Milky Aquarmaine and diamond set in an 18k contemporary pendant...
H610GM Rose Quartz and Grey moonstone Pendant
Rose Quartz and Grey Moonstone blended perfectly together. Set in 18k gold. Ask about other color co..
H611Z Blue Zircon and Diamond Pendant
A Gorgeous, sparkling Blue Zircon (approx 11-14ct) set in 18k white gold and surrounded with approx..
H612GM Grey Moonstone and Diamond Pendant
Grey Moonstone and Diamond pendant, set in 18K Rose Gold. Look for matching earrings..
H612RQ Rose Quartz and Diamond Pendant
Rose Quartz and Diamond pendant set in 18K Rose Gold. Look for matching earrings..
H613P Peridot and Diamonds Earrings
This 18k Cushion Peridot (Checker Board cut) and diamond pendant, with 3 Round Diamonds above.. A cl..
H614Z Blue Zircon and Diamond Pendant
Blue ZIrcon and Diamond Pendant set in 18k white gold..
H615Z Blue Zircon and Diamond Pendant
18K Gold pendant set with a vivid oval Blue Zircon and Diamond. Comes in various carat sizes, 2.5ct..